Prey (2017)

I’ve been enjoying playing Arkane Studio’s PREY over the past couple weeks. It runs great on my computer (except for one large indoor area where the framerate drops severely), has great (and customizable) keyboard/mouse controls, and has full 21:9 aspect ratio support. With those conditions met, it’s a LOT of fun. Think Bioshock meets Deus Ex.

I also played the completely unrelated 2006 game Prey by Human Head Studios ten years ago. The story of how Bethesda came to reuse the name is mildly interesting, but still a bit frustrating in the end. The new game should have had a new name. (Don’t get me started on the naming of reboots like DOOM.)

Metroid Prime (Wii) on my PC with the Dolphin Emulator

I played a little Metroid Prime (Wii) on my PC with the Dolphin emulator tonight. It actually looks pretty good when rendered at 1080p, and I had no problem maintaining 60fps at 8x MSAA (multisample anti-aliasing) and 4x AF (anisotropic filtering).

I can’t get the keyboard and mouse to play exactly like a normal FPS though due to the nature of how the game was designed, so I might pair a Wiimote to my PC via bluetooth when I’m serious about playing (namely, once I finish Breath of the Wild). I’ve also been told the Steam Controller works great with Metroid Prime, so I’ll be trying that out as well.